Reliable Boom Lift Hire Solutions

When it comes to working at heights, choosing the right man lift hire for your task will save you time, money and reduce the risk of injury. Attempting to use the wrong machine can lead to frustration, wasted time and even accidents on the jobsite. The best way to prevent these issues is by using a boom lift that is perfect for your requirements.

Whether you are looking for an electric or diesel-powered boom lift, you will be able to find a great option at LiftOne Rents. Our wide selection of late-model JLG, Skyjack and Genie aerial lifts for rent includes a variety of models with different work envelopes and reach capabilities. We also provide short and long-term rentals, as well as rent-to-own options to give you maximum flexibility for your workplace needs.

Articulating and telescopic boom lifts are both ideal for tasks that require extended vertical and horizontal outreach. The articulated versions offer a jointed boom that lets you maneuver around obstacles and access impractical places without having to move the entire machine. These are the machines to use when you are completing maintenance in narrow spaces, painting tricky architecture or trimming tall trees.

The telescopic boom lifts on the other hand, have a longer reach and can handle rough terrain with ease. This makes them a great option for industrial, construction and agricultural applications. With an impressive 39m platform capacity, this type of lift is a great choice for aerial inspections, repairs and installations in outdoor environments.

Regardless of what type of boom lift you choose, both electric and telescopic models are versatile enough to tackle a wide range of projects. However, it is important to remember that you must be properly trained to operate this equipment. ANSI A92.2 training is available online and through a network of JLG distribution partners (including rental stores) that can qualify operators prior to renting or purchasing a machine.

When it comes to reliable boom lift hire solutions, it all boils down to price, personal experience, service, trust and product variety. The companies that stand out as top choices are those that are committed to safety and quality. These companies provide great customer support and maintenance services, which contribute to the longevity of their machines. They also have a large inventory of products and can deliver on a short notice when necessary.